Children of the Light

All of my life I have felt like an outsider and a misfit. Most times people around me could not understand me as I did not fit into their mainstream parameters and did not share their world view. They found it hard to comprehend my thoughts, my actions and my behaviour. They judged me by their own yardstick and most times I did not measure up.

Nothing about me was mainstream. I had heightened sensitivity therefore heightened reactions. I perceived people, events and their behaviour from a completely different perspective than others. Very quickly it became a very lonely and misunderstood existence.

What seemed most obvious to me, people around me were oblivious to.

As I grew up I started to realize that perhaps nothing was “wrong” with me. I was just different, not knowing exactly why. Then many years ago I met a lady who asked me- you are an indigo child, you do know that right?

From that day forth the world just started to make more sense and it started to change for me.

So this blog is specifically for those of you that have felt alone and been outcaste and treated as misfits. You are the Children of Light, Indigo kids, with a very special mission and purpose in this life. 

Please know that you are special and celebrate your uniqueness.

Also as you read this blog you may recognize many traits that exist in your child and realize that he is not a troublesome or insulant child but is blessed with special abilities and requires you to nurture and support him differently, to help him realize his highest potential. That will eventually benefit the world at large.

Children of light, Indigo Kids

In this new age (the Age of Aquarius) we encounter more and more high-sensitive souls who came to earth for a special purpose. These children contribute to the ‘Universal Plan’ to guide us all to the new light. It is therefore important to provide them with a solid foundation so they can participate in life joyfully.

Angelic kids long for unconditional love, equality and freedom. They want to feel happy and contented in their own environment in order to be able to express themselves freely in whom and what they are.

They are warm-hearted and devoted children, (old) souls who are not always understood, because they own an enormous amount of wisdom; a deep wisdom that is not obvious to many of us. These children want to discover the world in their own way.

Only too often these children are labelled troublesome, difficult, self-willed, indifferent, precocious, overactive, etc, etc.

Infants too, can experience difficulties in the earliest stages of their lives.

Children of light are wise old souls with a strong will and a fine sense of justice. They are socially committed and perceive different energies. They can be deeply touched or get very upset without a clear reason.

They are talkative, curious, spontaneous, receptive and mostly want to have fun in life.

This new group of children openly express their opinions but when they are silenced they withdraw into themselves, with all its consequences. They may even  turn against their parents who do not understand and therefore support them.

Parents sometimes make the mistake of asking their child: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

The child does not have to ‘be’ anything socially, to be perfect, for it is perfect in its very nature. And it doesn’t have to derive its self-esteem from the outside world by holding a position in society.

It is important for these children (and their environment) to learn how to handle their high-sensitivity so that they can learn to understand their own feelings and needs. 

It is important to teach them to trust their strong intuitive abilities, which will make them stronger. And eventually will make them able to use their power.

Your Child may be prone towards outbursts, nightmares, behavioral or emotional issues, which you may have no context for, yet which is a part of their “carry-over” that is currently being released and healed. It is common for many of these children, teenagers and adults to have past memories, or feel a need to “put on their cape” for a good cause and yet the time is now to lay down the armor and be the Love

The first surge of Children of Light also called Indigo kids, display these traits:

  • Often very impatient with people who will not get to the very core of the matter
  • Creative, inventive and very intuitive
  • Being misunderstood and betrayed, which may result in developing trust issues; for this reason many keep most of their emotions, feelings and opinions to themselves
  • Over 30 per cent have problems expressing themselves orally and/or in writing
  • Many are labelled dyslexic and attend ‘special groups’ in school that usually do not work for them
  • A strong desire to know ‘why’ and when they don’t ‘see the point to it’ they simply feel that it is not worth their time and energy; they may feel disinclined and repel people around them
  • Indigo’s have a well-developed understanding of how things work, which is why many of the strict rules and methods related to learning mathematics, language and physics (NOT metaphysics or quantum physics) don’t work for them
  • All first surge Indigo’s have a healing gift, for example by imposition of hands on people, animals or plants. Indigo Children heal by unproven methods, some of which are innate. They don’t need any training to be able to do so. Indigo’s may approach others with humour and wit to make them feel better
  • Many Indigo’s have telepathic healing abilities
  • Most Indigo’s have an innate talent for computers, car electronics and/or mechanics. They usually ‘just know’ how things work
  • Children of Light are very creative and express this innate ability in many, often wild, ways. These abilities manifest in: drawing, painting, sculpting, decorating, photography, writing (sometimes in extreme and unique ways), designing blueprints and prototypes, composing music (even without any musical training), inventing games. They are brilliant creators
  • They are sexually expressive and inventive, with the intention of reaching a higher spiritual connection. Willing to explore alternative forms of sexuality
  • Have trouble concentrating on the designated tasks, jump from one topic to another in conversations, or may be diagnosed ADHD
  • Are either extremely sensitive emotionally or totally disengaged and don’t experience any emotions at all
  • Have anger issues
  • Have difficulties dealing with service-oriented jobs, tend to have an aversion      towards structured authority as generally present in most companies and organizations
  • Fulfils an executive function or prefers to work by himself or herself rather than in a team
  • Has deep empathy and compassion for others but at the same time can’t stand other people’s ignorance and intolerance
  • Incline to rebel against authority at work or at school
  • Intelligent! An Indigo may not have the highest grades at school, the EQ (emotional intelligence) is very high

Almost every Indigo regardless of age, is Ascending and is required to Transition. They came in to “start a revolution” and spark our own Karmic Triggers (soul memories) to work through all our issues in order to leave the Karmic wheel and Ascend.

These children are here today to implement the perception of love into the conscience of every one of us. 

Many “older” Indigo’s are working to release their entire past trauma, drama and abuse to become again the Master who they once were.

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