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“If ever there was a way to transform a life of quiet desperation into effective peaceful living, healing deep inner wounding surely ranks right up there!”

Ajita Shah

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Craving a fresh start? Ajita helps you rewrite those old stories, setting you on a path to the true you.

For the ones who want more for their life

Are you ready to experience a new paradigm in your reality?

What would you love to change in your life right now? That one thing that, if you could shift it, would have a profound effect for you. Maybe, it is something that you have been struggling with for some time. Some old pattern that just keeps you going round and round in circles.

You didn’t come here for a life dominant in struggle, effort, and suffering and you aren’t here to sacrifice yourself at the expense of others. You are an unlimited spiritual being – and it’s time to discover your true power as a creator.

• You want to learn to manifest your desires.
• You are going through a challenging job or career transition.
• You wish you had or want to make more money.
• Wish to improve your marriage or other relationships.
• Have trouble forgiving and healing
• Often choose fear over love
• Having trouble overcoming childhood trauma
• Self-love, Self-image and Self esteem is low

Healing is for the dream weaver who is ready to transform every aspect of their life. transform their pain into pleasure, trauma into triumph, and blockages into blessings.

Ajita Shah

“What you don’t heal you repeat”

A cornerstone of my work is, you create your own reality. Therefore, when you change, your life changes. To create a new future, you must first gain mastery over yourself from the unlimited possibilities available to you.

Spiritual healing helps release negative emotions and thoughts that are no longer serving you. When you release these negative emotions and thoughts, you then replace them with positive ones. This can lead to an overall improvement in your mental and emotional health.

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The main benefit of spiritual healing is that it helps you connect with your inner self. Then you are better able to understand and accept yourself for who you are. You also learn to trust your intuition and follow your own guidance. This way you make better decisions in your life, both personally and professionally.

Spiritual healing also helps you find closure on past hurts and traumas. Oftentimes, those  are what contribute to your current difficulties. When you are able to process and release them, we are able to move on with your lives in a healthy way.

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