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Hi, I’m Ajita!

My natural gift of healing allows me to help you heal and create the life you deserve to live!

Through my own experiences and from working with my clients I can teach and guide you to navigate what is holding you back and why.

My healing has helped clients repair relationships, attract abundance and heal from acute health conditions.

Work With Me

Ajita Shah


Her metaphysical journey and interest in healing developed since she was a child. Aware of being on a spiritual path since childhood, the intensity of spirituality, has ebbed and flowed throughout her lifetime. Each difficult period of life has provided a quantum jump to the next level of her spiritual development.
Combining her spiritual intuitive healing abilities with a formal education in science and psychology has helped her become a catalyst:

  • Helping clients heal from diseases, abuse, trauma
  •  Facilitating massive breakthroughs in relationships, financial struggles and health problems
  • Leading their journey to inner peace, happiness and greater fulfilment

Her own life’s experiences highlight her work. At one point in her younger days she was severely debilitated for a number of years by two relatively insignificant accidents.
These conditions was further exacerbated when she developed severe food intolerances that left her with permission to eat only 5 food items. And she is a foodie.
On both fronts she was advised by medical practitioners that both conditions were untreatable, and she would have to live with the severe pain in her back and the inability to eat and enjoy food for the rest of her life.
This prognosis prompted her to reject this reality and embark upon her personal healing journey and within a very short time she was clear of both her conditions. Today she is completely pain free and enjoys the full spectrum of foods available to enjoy.
Medical fraternity was amazed at the results and have no medical explanation for her complete recovery.

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“Looking back, I believe my conditions were both a
blessing in disguise and a wake- up call to dedicate my life and journey to my passion for healing and teaching”.

For most of my life, I’ve been rather shy and selective in offering guidance and healing. Finally, it took 2 long term debilitating experiences for me to accept that my innate ability was indeed connected to my life’s calling & purpose.
There is nothing more beautiful, loving and heart-warming than to be able to assist others heal & bear witness to their own, inner transformations personal growth and spiritual connections “.
As my life continues to be an on-going process of understanding the vastness of our true essence, my passion will be forever interconnected to soulful healing and purposeful living. I also have a profound understanding of the effects of the disconnected self and continue to strive to understand the power of the human experiential processes.”
Ajita uses her simple, yet profound, teachings to help clients shatter limitations and become the best they can be.
Through her bespoke 1:1 healing sessions, Programs and Workshops she shares her wisdom and simple practical tools that can be applied to gain clarity of vision and remove blocks that stand in the way of success and happiness.
“For over 25 years I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact healing has. I’ve thus, been on a mission to make this impact more widely known – through personal consultations and my programs.”
I’m now inviting you. Let me teach you to how deal with the obstacles in your life. Let me help you heal from the problems holding you back. If you’ve been feeling stuck – in your relationships, career or finances – it’s happening for a reason!
But, it can get better. I can help you make it better! You being here is no coincidence. Our paths were meant to cross.
So get in touch and let me help you, create the rich life you deserve to live!”

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Core Values



My work involves building relationships and trust – which is impossible without integrity & confidentiality. You can count on me to be honest with you at all times.



Your welfare and wellbeing is of utmost importance. My success for over 25 years is based on my sincere desire to help and watch you heal and succeed.



Love, not judge is a motto I live by. I will always hold a safe space for you to pour your heart out and heal.



Being spiritual lies at the core of following my purpose and being on the path meant for me. It drives me to help you find your ‘why’.

You are one ‘YES’ away from a happier life!

You’ve tried everything from Vision Boards to affirmations, sage burning and crystal to reading every self-help book on the shelf. You have meditated and done yoga. You have gone to every retreat from Bali to Zanzibar. You’ve done every diet and taken supplements, had your spine adjusted and chakras aligned but still…. You are sick, unhappy and your bank account is still lacking

Say yes! Let me show you how to repair and transform your life with results that will last a lifetime.

Work With Me

Areas of Expertise

personalized healing

Holistic Healing

These 90-minute sessions are conducted in-person and online and are customized to deal with eliminating your specific problems Learn More

mindful awakening

Mindful Awakening

A program that helps you create lasting change in your life. You will learn how to clear limiting beliefs, rid yourself of conditioned habits and shatter limitations. Live the life you deserve! Learn More

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Marriage Reboot Program

This unique program takes you through the paces and helps bring back love and passion into your marriage. The best part is that you can do it with your spouse or by yourself! Learn More