Spiritual Development and Evolution

So many are searching for that illusive knowledge that will silence the voice within, calm the restless soul, support in the search for the meaning of life, eliminate the feeling of loneliness, help us drop the masks and bring a sense of peace, fulfillment and harmony.

It is not who you were or what you have done in the past that matters, rather it is who you are now and what you can become that is important.

By definition spiritual evolution in its simplest form can be best described as the growth of the human soul, its relationship with the universal consciousness, coupled with the growth of one’s awareness and emotional growth.  So how does one begin to evolve spiritually, does it happen on its own or is there something that needs to be done to facilitate this process?

As each human being is unique, their spiritual development will also be unique. Some will find a natural affinity towards some esoteric belief in God whereas others may be devoted disciples of a religion.  But if there is to be a starting point perhaps the first thing to consider would be ones awareness. 

Change and evolution is an integral part of the cycle of life and human evolution is no exception.  Science has discovered that we evolved physically from primates and it is this changing energy that adapts and harmonizes with its environment to ensure the simple universal principle- survival of the fittest. So if physical energy can change and evolve over time, what about the spiritual energy, the very energy that is the soul- Can it change?

The answer is yes, the soul does evolve whether one is aware of this or not.  Though its growth is dependent on the development of – love, compassion and understanding that reside within it. Through one’s life’s experiences the emotions develop for better or for worse.  It is through this growing awareness that one can begin to make the choices that actively assist with evolution.

Another important aspect of evolution is the awareness of the true being, it’s role within the universe and it’s relationship with God. It is not always easy to comprehend the idea that we are all individual parts of this vast thing called the universe and that one has the ability to be in harmony with this universe and that one can ultimately learn to communicate with it.

It is unfortunate that belief in God is naturally looked upon with skepticism today. Ironically it is science that is starting to explain the basis and functionality of our nature. It is our need to understand the nature of our own lives that quantum mechanics is offering any open minded individual a more realistic and less doom laden explanation of what this thing called life is all about.

Perhaps it will not be long before science discovers the origin of the universe and ultimately acknowledges the existence of what we call “God”.

How we perceive life and what we believe to be true is very unique to each and every human being so it is no wonder we encounter conflict throughout life.  What is one man’s truth is another man’s lie.

If we take a moment to examine our attitudes, morals and values we inevitable discover that they have evolved due to our upbringing and the imprinting of value systems that have come from our parents and social culture, so what we think is our truth might be the truth of someone else.

Thinking and questioning these values and attitudes is a vital part of our spiritual evolution.  Attitudes and values can change and it is this change that leads us to discovering more about who we are and becoming a complete individual that is quietly confident and capable.  And it is through developing a more spiritual attitude to life that leads us ultimately towards the path of peace and enlightenment.

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