What If You Could End All Your Struggles And Create A Life FULL OF HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE AND PURPOSE?

…while discovering the knowledge that assists soul growth, principles to creating permanent change and clearing any limiting beliefs, healing core wounds, and eliminating conditioned habits that hold you back from your desired life.

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Ajita Shah


“ So, How Do I End All My Struggles And Create A
Life Full Of Happiness, Abundance And Purpose? “

Dear Seekers,

You’re About To Discover How My Struggles With Limiting Belief’s And Childhood Trauma Led Me On An Important Journey That Flipped My Life Around For Good.

Before We Begin,

Let Me Know If This Is You…

You Want More Out Of Life

You Want To Create A Life Full Of Love, Joy And Abundance…

You Want To Discover And Start Living Your Purpose

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The information I’m about to share,
can change your life for good ( it did mine)

Hi, my name is Ajita Shah – I am the founder of a popular program
(actually two) Mindful awakening and Parent mastery…

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And the one thing I’m most passionate about is helping
as many seekers as I can, find and live a life that they were truly meant to.

I do this by sharing the Experience that I’ve gained
from my 30-year journey as a spiritual tacher and healer.

And so far, my efforts have seen me make landmark achievements in the spiritual space.

More importantly, the knowledge I share has helped
thousands of seekers find their true self and live a life
full of joy, happiness and abundance.

They experienced such an intense change that they are
lining up inside my inbox and Facebook page to
serenade me with lots of kind words.

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For example, Lolita says…

“One of my friends was very excited to start Ajita’s Mindful Awakening course and asked me to join it as well. I was debating initially whether I should or should not be part of this course. One morning when I woke up I had this feeling from my heart to join this wonderful group. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I learned to listen to my heart and go with my intuition. It is a life changing experience in all aspects for me. Emotional state and state of mind begins from within. I have learned about myself more than I have in my entire life. I learned to love myself, to be happy, peaceful, loving, grateful, to appreciate nature and to feel my decisions instead of making them. I am able now to look at my soul, my thoughts, my patterns and recognize who I really am.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their relationships, health, career, live in prosperity and grow spiritually.”

– Lolita Rasima

“I Was Deep In Sorrow And Could Not See Any End In Sight To My Struggles And Pain

Mindful Awakening Gave Me Insights And Exercises That Helped Me Peel The Layers And Helped Me Formulate A Plan For The Future And I Gained The Courage And Confidence To Move Forward In Building My Life With My Children”

– Robert

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I Get A Flood Of Kind Words Like These Every Week.

And When You Read Them…

It Will Appear To You Like I Have A Magic Potion That Transforms Someone’s Reality And Connects Them With Their Higher Self.

But The Truth Is… I Don’t!

I Only Have A Well Of Knowledge In Spirituality Which I Am Letting Others Draw From.

And It Is Bearing Amazing Fruits.


Everything I Know About Life, Spirituality And Psychology Today Was Borne Out Of…

My Personal Frustration With
Low Self-Esteem, & Childhood

Lemme Quickly Rush You Through My Story…
Because It’s Super Relevant To What I Am About To Share With You Today.


As A 16 Year Old High School Student, I Was Deemed To Be A Doctor Just Like My Father And Grandfathers

But Then………

I Knew I Was Not Like Everyone Else.

I Lacked Direction And Drive. I Was Very Clear I Wanted To Help People But Something Was Preventing Me From Moving Forward. That Was The Turning Point And The Beginning Of My Personal Quest And Deep Dive Into Searching For Who I Am. The Unfoldment Has Been Rewarding Beyond Words.

So How Did my life change?

The Moment I Decided To Wipe My Slate Clean And Made An Agreement With My Traumas…

Things Started To Change.

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Let me tell you one thing about our “subconsious”

It’s Your Best Friend And Worst Enemy, At The Same Time…

Whatever Bad Happened In Your Past, Is A Red Flag For The Subconsious To Avoid.

We End Up Defining Our Identities By Those Traumas Or Red Flags.

For Example –

If You Grew Up In A Home Where You Were Controlled, Reprimanded Or Made To Feel Not Good Enough You Will Never Realize Your Full Potential And Always Lack Self- Confidence

If You Ever Had A Bike Accident, You May Not Have The Condifence To Ride A Bike Again.

If Your Parents Relationship Was Toxic And There Was A Lot Of Fighting And Yelling, You May Find It Hard To Have Trust And Build Healthy Relationships..

So Many Of Us Have Had Experiences Just Like This That We Have Allowed To Unconsciously Define Who We Are.

And Limit What We Think We Are Capable Of.

Therefore, The Life We Live Now Is Heavily Bounded By These Past Traumas, Stopping Us From Realizing Our True Potential.

Stopping Us From Living Life To The Fullest…

Luckily, These Traumas Also Present You With A Choice, Either You Stay As You Are Or Crave The Path For Your Greater Self.
I Chose The Later…

I Used These Traumas As A Fuel To Go Through My Own Spiritual Awakening And Healing Journey.

Where I Have Not Only Been Able To Become Aware Of Such Traumas, But Been Able To Remove The Blockages And Take Inspired Action On My Life Purpose.

This Process Of Healing Has Helped Me Expand My Intuitive Abilities And Given Me The Depth Of Clarity And Trust That Allows Me To Move Forward Quickly And Take Action On Any Signs From The Universe.

Now, My Question To You Is

Would You Like To Undergo A Spiritual Transformation That Allows You To Create A Life Of Freedom (Physical & Emotional) And An Abundance Of Wealth, Relationships, And Richness Of Life?

If So, Then Mindful Awakening Will Be The Most Important Program You Ever Go Through.

Because, It’s Not Just A Course…

It’s A Video Series, With Access To Lifetime Weekly QnA Calls…
It’s A Journey With Me, By Your Side To Answer All Your Questions And Present You A Direction Whenever You Feel Lost…


Mindful Awakening Masterclass

An 8 week Foundational Course that will Activate & Transform YOU, so you can begin to Live your Manifested Life.

Book your complimentary call

Special message from Ajita

Dear Friend,

If you’ve read so far, and got to know about my journey.

You might have one thing for certain…

A willingness to change

You know you’re not living life to the fullest

You know you deserve better

You know you have a deeper purpose, but you haven’t found it yet.

I mean I can go on and on…

But I know one thing for sure,

If I can change my life and live it to the fullest, you can too…

All you gotta do is choose.

When I was at my darkest, I chose light.

When I felt betrayed, I chose forgiveness.

When I felt like a failure, I chose the lessons.

You see, everything we do is greatly determined by our perspective.

Your perspective can make or break you in an instant.

But before letting that happen, you do get a choice to change.

And now, I’m presenting you that change with my Mindful Awakening Program.

Because if you’ve…


Ever Felt like…

ever felt 1

You have suffered betrayal, broken

Or a chronic disconnection from those you love or crave to receive love from…

You have endured struggle, failure and a lack of proper financial means

Or you’ve spun your wheels on that dream or business that just never took off?

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You have witnessed a world that is cruel, unfair or unsafe for you and others…

No matter what you do, nothing seems right…

You have endured struggle, failure and a lack of proper financial means

Or you’ve spun your wheels on that dream or business that just never took off?

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Presents You With Two Choices…


choose to live in the same cycle

or img

choose to wipe the slate clean, and step forward into a New future

Your Life Is Meant To Be Limitless:
Full Of Joy, Purpose, And Deep

Yes, It Sounds Great, But We Don’t Actually Believe It’s Possible For Us Or Do We?

I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Either If I Were In A Hopeless Hurting Place.

And If You Don’t Believe That Your Life Is Meant To Be Limitless, Let Me Offer You My Thoughts On Why That May Be:

In My Experience, We Often Cannot See Perfection, Divinity, Love Or Mercy As Possible For Us. We Cannot Give These Vital Things To Ourselves. We Think Ourselves Unworthy.

Would You Agree That You Cannot Create And Experience That Which You Cannot See As Possible For Yourself?

In This Lies The Challenge… You Will Never Allow Yourself To Receive From Someone What You Do Not Believe Yourself Worthy Of.

What Is Needed Is A New Perspective. We Must Learn To See Ourselves And Our Life From Different Places And Possibilities.

Mindful Awakening

An 8 Week Foundational Course That Will Activate & Transform YOU, So
You Can Begin To Live Your Manifested Life.

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Here’s What Others Have To Say…


Ajita Shah

Ajita combines her formal Psychology education with her intuitive ability to provide holistic healing to the mind, body, and spirit.

Having an innate gift in Spirituality she co-mingles it with the Sciences and practicality integrating these into her own heart based courses.

Ajita dedicated to balancing the mind/body/spirit connection, assisting others in developing their passion and purpose and empowering them with the knowledge to live an abundant and successful life, as they are meant to live.

Ajita designs and facilitates workshops that educate her clients and participants on various universal principles that govern our lives and empowers them with tools to help achieve healing, abundance, healthy and successful relationships, wisdom, serenity, and wholeness.

She is passionate about sharing ancient wisdom and transformational ideas derived from eastern philosophy and applies them to modern living so we can all start living our destined life.

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Limiting Beliefs Should Not
Define You Or Set Boundaries
For Your Life…

Limiting belief’s are a collection of thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions that dictate your feelings, actions, and results.

So often we’re committing the devastating mistake of living our lives on autopilot – with only small glimpses of inspiration, desire, and passion. If you think those short glimpses of hope and desire are enough to get you where you want to go, think again.

Every next level, dream or BIG desire requires a NEW YOU! So, what if you could activate your Future Self, who is ALREADY living the dream, desire or next level?

Your next level is here.

Do you find yourself wishing you had more money, the ideal job or your own business, great relationships, travel where you want, have great health and vitality? Of course we all do!

The Mindful Awakening Foundational 8 week online course will provide you with the tools to create exactly that. You will get to know yourself better, so you can identify and sidestep any inherent hurdles, that hold you back from a happy, fulfilling and purposeful life.

What’s keeping you from the life you really want?


Schedule your call to get started on your journey to your best life.

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Here’s What Others Have To Say
About Mindful Awakening…

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There Is A Lot Of Help For People In The Relationship Arena, So I Tried Counselling And Life Coaching And Spent Thousands Of Dollars But Got Only Limited And Temporary Relief.

This Course Was An Eye Opener. It Made Me Look At Myself, Accept Responsibility For My Contribution And Helped Me Heal Deep Childhood Trauma And Gave Me The Tools That I Can Continue To Use On My Journey Forward.

Thank You So Much, Ajita Words Are Not Enough To Describe What A Solid Support You Are And The Wisdom And Knowledge You Share Is Truly Life Changing

-Susan, United States.

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I Was Deep In Sorrow And Could Not See Any End In Sight To My Struggles And Pain.

Mindful Awakening Gave Me Insights And Exercises That Helped Me Peel The Layers And Helped Me Formulate A Plan For The Future And I Gained The Courage And Confidence To Move Forward In Building My Life With My Children

-Robert, Poland

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This Course Helped Me Shift From The Blame Game To Owning My Power And Shifting Into A Comfortable Place And Working Towards My Personal Success

-Jacqueline, Israel

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I Don’t Know How My Wife And I Moved From A Deeply Loving Relationship Into A Daily Toxic Battle Which Continued Through Our Divorce Process And After.

I Have No Words To Describe The Support, Solace And Confidence I Got Through The Mindful Awakening Process And Ajita Was A Solid Support With Her Kindness, Spirituality, Understanding Of Human Psychology And Relationships.

I Strongly Suggest Anyone Considering Or Going Through A Separation Or Suffering The Consequences Of One, Must Take This Course To Come Out On The Other Side Of Conflict And Pain

-Sanjay, India


When You Begin This Transformational Journey

You’ll Get Access To…

Mindful Awakening Modules

Mindful Awakening Modules

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weekly qna sessions

Weekly QnA sessions…

Weekly Live QnA sessions to help you unstuck in your journey and achieve your goals faster.

Private Facebook Community

You’ll be part of a private community of like minded individuals who are on the same journey.

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Plus You Will Get These

Incredible Bonuses

To Make Your Transformation Easier

4 Powerful Meditations

I’ll share my most powerful meditations to help you calm and focus your mind during this journey.

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vision board workshop

Vision Board Workshop

This workshop will show you how to create vision boards the right way and use the power of menifestation to make those a reality.

Unlock your Intuition Workshop

An in-depth workshop on Intuition and it’s power.

unlock intuition workshop

What If You Knew Exactly How To Breakthrough?


Creating the Life You Want?

Are limiting belief’s controlling and limiting basically everything in your life . . .your thoughts, your actions, and your results. No matter what it is that you want – your perspective will either help you get there or keep you from getting there.

Join me for a quick 30 min chat to see how I can help you connect with your higher self. Click the button below to book your free 30 min consultation with me personally ( Not my sales team)

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