1:1 Personalized Healing

For the high-achiever looking to grow exponentially in every aspect of life.

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Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing

Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing (HIIH) is an intimate healing and mentorship experience for the high-achiever looking to grow exponentially in every aspect of life: from physical health, resilience, leadership, capacities for intimacy, self love and life’s accomplishments.

In her Besoke 1:1 healing Ajita uses her unique and innovative process HIIH – it is a tremendous tool to resolve disease and health issues, resolve problems in your business, your bank account, the status of your relationships and much more. It is also a helpful tool for allowing you to manifest your desires.

HIIH is not a one size fits all solution but geared intuitively to each client and their unique needs and situations.

A great advantage of HIIH is that diagnosis and treatment do not require you to be physically present. Treatment can be done remotely and you will heal and enjoy all the benefits of healing in aspects of business, relationships or whatever issue brings you to avail of Ajita’s healing gifts.

It is noteworthy that healing is successful even without one believing in the treatment. As a matter of ethics, she treat only those who approach her for treatment, and does not invade anyone's privacy without permission.

HIIH: How it started?
HIIH : What is it?
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Through HIIH countless problems in life can be restored such as:

Physical Healing

Physical disease and ailments can all be healed to a great degree

Mental Vitality

Mental/psychological conditions like anorexia, anger, suicide, depression, can be transformation to vitality and joy

Relationship Revival

Relationships between couples and others can be restored

Business Boost

Solving business issues: revitalizing operations, improving partnerships, boosting teamwork, and engaging employees.

Childhood Solutions

Childhood issues and concerns- bedwetting, tantrums etc

Special Recovery

Other special concerns such as addiction etc

She helps you figure out your “Why”- why you are stuck, why things don’t work out your way, why your life does not match your dreams

Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing – HIIH process brings about 360 healing and problem solving.

If you are looking to deal with problems affecting your relationships, work, health and finances you’re in the right place.