Marriage Reboot

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Understand This

All marriages go through cycles

The euphoria of love fades after a few years and what you once found cute, now drives you nuts

People and activities outside the marriage start to become more attractive

At some point, one or both of you start wondering
“Did I marry the right person?”

Now you’re wondering

Can I save my marriage?

Will the earlier level of passion, love and tenderness return?

How can I reclaim love and happiness in my marriage?

My spouse is so uncooperative – can I do this by myself?

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What if I told you that my marriage was almost destroyed!

My husband and I are in an amazing space right now and have been for a while. But it could have easily been otherwise…

You see, very early on in our marriage I had a miscarriage – my first, highly anticipated pregnancy! And this almost tore us apart… As if our own emotions weren’t difficult to deal with, we had to contend with toxic ‘in-laws dynamics’.

I drew on all my knowledge and theory as a psychologist and tried various ways to try and bridge the growing gap. But nothing worked… If anything, we became more combative and distant…

In frustration, I decided to do something different. Something I hadn’t read in any textbook or self- help guide. I decided to set aside our problems. Not ignore them, not pretend they didn’t exist, but just put them on the back burner for a while…

What I did instead…

…I dropped all major expectations of what we should do or how we should be.

I took a step back from trying to force communication and gave my husband his space. I made small meaningful gestures without expecting anything in return.

And as if by magic our situation changed! My husband started reciprocating. He felt less threatened and grew calmer and more affectionate. We began connecting again – laughing and talking and sharing.

Most importantly, we were able to openly discuss the hurt and sadness we went through, resolve our differences and fall in love again!

I was trying so hard to save my marriage

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I was trying so hard to save my marriage

But none of the ‘wisdom’ out there did me any good. None of advice in self-help books worked. Nothing that I read or researched helped.
Moreover, there was no one to support or guide me as I struggled through this. I had to figure it out on my own. I had to find a way to make it work.
I had to combine my instinct with my intuition and draw on my knowledge to bring my husband and myself closer together.

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To now help struggling marriages, I’ve put together a 3 month program

To help you reconnect with your spouse

To help you bring back love in your marriage

Unlike therapy, which may or may not work, this program is time and cost effective. The best part is that you can do it on your own – you don’t need a cooperative spouse to successfully complete this program. Chances are, they’ll join you once they see the changes and realize the benefits.

A word of caution though! This is NOT a quick-fix program. If my experience is anything to go by, you’re going to need a lot of patience and put in real time and effort to completely sort out the mess.

But what you will learn is to neutralize your problems, put into practice a system of relationship habits and restore your broken marriage.

You’re just one ‘YES’ away from a happy marriage!

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It’s not about finding the ‘right’ person,
It’s about re-learning to love the person you’re with

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This Program is for You if…

  • You’re facing problems in your marriage, like, infidelity, lack of communication, financial problems, lack of sex, addictive behavior, narcissism, threat of divorce etc.
  • Your marriage is on the rocks, you want to save it and you’re wondering how to do it even if therapy and counselling have failed
  • Either one or both of you have turned your affections to other people
  • You’re willing to make the time and effort to apply what you learn in this program to transform your marriage
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re aiming to start the course in the first week of October. It consists of 12 modules delivered weekly.

There will be a module delivered live every week. Each module will have a worksheet to help you work through it. Live training sessions will be conducted bi-monthly and offer support and guidance as you progress through the program.

All these sessions will be recorded and uploaded. You will receive intimation when this has been done (usually within 48 hours of the session). You may access these sessions in the members area.

This Marriage Reboot program is designed to be as effective whether it is done single- handedly or as a couple. Even single-handedly, you’ll learn how to improve your marital situation and inspire your spouse to join you in the process of renewing your marriage.

Client Testimonials

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Ajita Shah

Ajita Shah is a spiritual healer, teacher and trained psychologist.

She has used her formal training and education with her intuitive healing abilities to help clients heal from all life’s hurdles. Using various, unique tools in her 1:1 healing sessions and programs she’s helped repair and renew relationships, treat acute health conditions and facilitate financial breakthroughs.

Over 25 years of work has exposed Ajita to many experiences and learnings. She draws on these and shares them through her simple, yet profound teachings and courses to help thousands of people across the globe.

Ajita believes that the way to eradicate judgement is through self-discovery. Through the experiences of her guests on her soon to be released podcast – Love Not Judge – Ajita hopes to bring about awareness on how the world can become more accepting.

Ajita Shah is a spiritual healer, teacher and trained psychologist.

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