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Love Blocks Keep You From Having Meaningful Relationships! Find Yours in Our Love Block Quiz   

Hi, I'm Ajita!

Feeling trapped in your marriage? Tired of things not going your way at work? Struggling with your finances? I can help.

My gift of healing allows me to help you heal and create the life you deserve to live!

Through experiences of my own and from working with my clients I can teach and guide you to
navigate what’s holding you back.

I’ve always wanted to rid the world of pain and suffering!
This inherent desire comes from my natural gift of healing! Even as a child of four, I remember fervently wishing for a magic wand to spread love and joy!

Combining my spiritual intuitive healing abilities with a formal education in science and psychology has helped me become a catalyst:

- Helping clients heal from diseases, abuse, trauma
- Leading their journey to inner peace, happiness and greater fulfilment
- Facilitating massive breakthroughs in relationships, financial struggles and health problems


Ajita Shah

I've used my varied experiences and simple, yet profound, teachings to help clients shatter limitations and become the best they can be.

My gift of healing has helped clients repair relationships, attract abundance and heal from acute health conditions.

For over 25 years I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact healing has. I’ve thus, been on a mission to make this impact more widely known - through personal consultations and my programs.

I’m now inviting you. Let me teach you to deal with the obstacles in your life. Let me help you heal from the problems holding you back. If you’ve been feeling stuck – in your relationships, career or finances – it’s happening for a reason!
But, it can get better. I can help you make it better!  You being here is no coincidence. Our paths were meant to cross.
So get in touch and let me help you, create the rich life you deserve to live!

Core Values


My work involves building relationships and trust – which is impossible without integrity & confidentiality. You can count on me to be honest with you at all times.


Your welfare and wellbeing is of utmost importance. My success for over 25 years is based
on my sincere desire to help and watch you heal and succeed.


Love, not judge is a motto I live by.
I will always hold a safe space for you to pour your heart out and heal.


Being spiritual lies at the core of following my purpose and being on the path meant for me. It drives me to help you find your ‘why’.

Has your marriage lost its spark? Do you feel like you and your spouse are always at odds? Is your spouse cold and distant? 
Though therapy has become the go-to solution for repairing marriages, it usually needs involvement from both partners, is time-consuming, expensive and may or may not work! 
In contrast, my Marriage Reboot program is a time and cost-effective solution. It will help you connect with your partner and bring intimacy and joy back into your relationship. 
Is your spouse not interested in the program? Don’t stress! It’s just as effective if you do it on your own!
Say yes! Let me show you how to repair and transform your marriage with results that will last a lifetime.

You are one ‘YES’ away from a happier marriage!

Areas of Expertise

Personalized Healing
These 90-minute sessions are conducted
in-person and online and are customized to deal with eliminating your specific problems

Marriage Reboot Program
This unique program takes you through the paces and helps bring back love and passion into your marriage. The best part is that you can do it with your spouse or by yourself!

Mindful Awakening
A program that helps you create lasting change in your life. You will learn how to clear limiting beliefs, rid yourself of conditioned habits and shatter limitations. Live the life you deserve!

I have no words to describe the support, solace and confidence I got through the program and Ajita was a solid support with her kindness, spirituality, understanding of human psychology and relationships. I strongly suggest anyone considering or going through a separation or suffering the consequences of one, must take this program to come out on the other side of conflict and pain

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

- Sanjay, India

I don’t know how my wife and I moved from a deeply loving relationship into a daily toxic battle
which continued through our divorce process and after. 

 This program was an eye opener. It made me look at myself, accept responsibility for my contribution in the break up and helped me heal deep childhood trauma and gave me the tools that I can continue to use on my journey forward. Thank you so much Ajita ,words are not enough to describe what a solid support you are and the wisdom and knowledge you share is truly life changing

Susan, United States

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

There is a lot of help for people in the relationship arena, so I tried counselling and life coaching and spent thousands of dollars but got only limited and temporary relief.

- Robert, Poland

 Ajita and the program gave me insights and exercises that helped me peel the layers and helped me formulate a plan for the future and I gained the courage and confidence to move forward in building my life with my children

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

I was deep in sorrow and could not see any end in sight to my struggles and pain.

 I have been able to leverage Ajita's teachings not only in my personal life but in my career too. 

I tend to approach situations with my mind only, but with the help of Ajita's 1 on 1 sessions and program, I am able to see things in a new light and approach situations from my heart. I highly recommend working with Ajita and her workshops and programs for gaining clarity, calm and personal evolution

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

Esther Lee, LA

I was referred to Ajita by a friend who highly recommended her. 

I was in a lot of pain due to arthritis and a subsequent fall, when I first met Ajita. Through her administering healing, the pain quickly subsided and I have resumed my normal life.  She is very professional in what she does and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone

Satisfied Clients Worldwide

- Gloria Chia, Canada

- Jacqueline, Israel

The healing helped me shift from the blame game to owning my power and shifting into a comfortable place and working towards my personal success

Satisfied Clients Worldwide







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