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You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup…

Here are some ways that I practice self-care, so I can give the best of myself to enrich the lives those around me

Favorite Scent

I’m a Chanel No. 5 lady and have been since I was 18. No other scent comes close!

Favorite TV show

Frasier is my all-time favorite! The characters, the dialogues, the humor – never fail to amuse me!

Favorite activity

I can spend hours sitting in my backyard, with a hot cup of tea, looking up at the star-studded sky!

Favorite song

Favorite song – “I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine…” Hearing this song by Natasha Bedingfield instantly lifts my spirits and makes my heart smile!

Here’s a collection binaural beats that I think would help you

Potential benefits of listening to binaural beats include lowered anxiety, improved concentration, increased confidence, more focussed meditation etc.

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