Personalized Healing through Holistic Integrated Intuitive Healing- HIIH

Healing starts from the inside out

Are you ready to experience a new paradigm of physical reality?

You didn’t come here for a life dominant in struggle, effort, and suffering and you aren’t here to sacrifice yourself at the expense of others. You’re not a limited being – and it’s time to discover your true power as a creator. Can you feel that deep down feeling that life is supposed to be easier than this? That deep down feeling – and the resonance you feel – is pure truth from a greater nonphysical part of you.

My main message is that every person has the potential to live an extraordinary life and manifest their deepest desires—if they honor their inner divinity and consciously choose to live from their “Highest Self.”

The goal of healing is to restore harmony and balance within your energy systems, which then positively impacts all areas of your life

You will benefit from healing if:

  • Your relationships – both personal and professional – are not harmonious
  • You’re struggling at the workplace – you find your co-workers uncooperative, your boss is combative
  • You never seem to be in control of your finances – no matter how much you plan or budget
  • You’re suffering from physical ailments or health conditions that don’t seem to be getting better with medicine
  • You’ve recognized that old patterns are holding you back and you’re ready for real breakthroughs
  • Your life feels empty and unfulfilled, you’re always chasing happiness and peace, you yearn for something but you don’t know what that is…
I Want the Benefits of Healing!

Healing is to your ‘energy body’ what exercise and nutrition is to your physical body

Most often when you ‘don’t feel right’, are unwell, feeling stuck in your relationships, stagnant in your career or struggling with finances it’s a manifestation of an imbalance at a deeper level.

Just like fever is not a disease in itself but a symptom of a deeper infection, almost all problems you face in life are symptoms of something deeper to be tackled.

To be made ‘whole’ again is to be healed so that the imbalance and dysfunction affecting your health, relationships, business and work, even the spaces you live and work in can be replaced with harmony and stability.

I Want Harmony And Balance Through Healing!

You repeat what you don’t repair

~ Unknown

Healing is a field that is shrouded in secrecy and mystery. Not many people understand the impact that healing can have on their lives, which means that not many people consider it an option.

Very early on in my career I realized that merely working with the mind was not enough to resolve all the life issues my clients were facing. And therefore developed a holistic, integrated and intuitive healing (HIIH) approach to recovery.

Through this unique process of HIIH, I apply intuitive skills to restore balance and reactivate your body’s healing mechanism. This improves and enhances your physical and overall well-being.

Healing is done using intuitive tools and involves deep work. Most importantly, it involves cleaning and clearing energies, healing trauma and holding a safe space for clients to pour their hearts out and heal!

But I’ve spent the last 25 years working with clients – healing them from acute health conditions, helping them attract abundance, repairing their relationships and so much more. So I KNOW the positive impact that healing has.

I Want To Experience The Positive Impact Of Healing!

The wound is not my fault.
But the healing is my responsibility

~ Marianne Williamson

Why should you do this?

You owe it to yourself to live your best life and you cannot do that if different parts of your life are not in sync with each other.

Suffering makes you aware of areas you need to work through and heal so you can bring harmony into your life and maintain good health and vitality.

In my personalized healing I work with you in private 1:1 sessions, which last for 90 minutes. I ask guided questions and listen to your story, to understand the issues you’re facing and what areas you most need help with. I then create a customised plan for the actual healing to take place. The plan may evolve based on what you most need to best facilitate healing.

This is not a quick-fix process. Please understand that you may be dealing with deep seated issues involving trauma, abuse and stress, that have sometimes plagued you for years, generations even. To achieve optimal results I usually recommend a minimum of twelve sessions to begin with.

All sessions are private and confidential and your issues and personal situations will never be discussed or disclosed.

I Want The Benefits Of Healing!

Why work with me?

Hi! I’m Ajita.

I’ve been naturally blessed with the gift of healing. Pain and suffering have always affected me deeply. Even as a child of four I remember wishing for a magic wand to rid the world of unhappiness and sorrow.

For close to three decades now, I’ve used my gift to change people’s lives. I’ve cleared blocks negatively affecting their health, relationships, careers and finances. The best part is that I’ve healed and impacted the lives of 8-year olds to 82-year olds! The benefits of healing are truly non-discriminatory!

I’m on a mission to make the power of healing known and accessible. If you’ve been feeling stuck, if you’re at crossroads and confused about your direction, if you’ve been suffering from the effects of disease, abuse or trauma, if you’ve tried various other options without success, I invite you to now try the power of healing.

My 25+ year client list includes some of the World’s top politicians, athletes, veterans, media and entertainment personalities and CEO’s.

Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

HIIH is a process I developed when I realised very early in my career that merely working with the mind was not enough to resolve all the life issues my clients were facing.

It involves the conscious use of intuitive skills to bring balance and facilitate the healing mechanisms of your mind, body and soul. This enhances and improved your physical and overall well-being.

Your energy systems are delicate and when your energy flows are disturbed or blocked, you can start to feel low, face misfortune and conflict or even become sick.

HIIH facilitates in clearing these energy blocks and repairing and rebalancing your energy. This allows your mind, body and soul to operate at optimal levels and reactivates your inherent healing abilities; bringing you to your natural state.

HIIH can also help identify ‘issues’ before they manifest. It helps you become aware of the areas you need to work through and heal. You can then bring balance and harmony in all areas of your life.

While this depends on the nature of your problem and the results you wish to achieve. However, through the years of my experience, I have found that at least 12 sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

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Most times, the problems you’re facing are chronic and/or long-standing and cannot be expected to be sorted in a few sessions. Think of energetic healing like peeling the layers of a rose. Over time, more and more issues are cleared allowing you to operate in a better and healthier manner.

All sessions can be done in-person or over video calls.

A typical healing treatment usually follows a two-step process: Intake session – In this initial 1:1 session, I ask a series of guided questions and allow you to talk to me about all the problems and obstacles you’re dealing with. This gives me an understanding of the path we must take. I then create a tailored plan to help you overcome your afflictions.

The treatment itself – I recommend that all sessions be done in a peaceful, quiet space free from distractions. During this stage, you may sense the flow of energies as sensations of warmth or coolness; tingling sensations or feeling relaxed is also common. This facilitates deep healing to occur at an unconscious level.

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Depending on what we’re dealing with, I may suggest or provide meditations, exercises or other resources and tools that you would benefit from. You may, occasionally, be assigned some ‘homework’. ☺

Each session lasts for 90 minutes. It is most beneficial to have one session per week.

You being religious or non-religious has absolutely no bearing on my decision to work with you and no impact on the effectiveness of the healing sessions. Being spiritual will definitely help your process, but is not necessary.

I’ve healed sceptics and even non-believers!

While you don’t need to believe or be 100% convinced of my process, I will need your consent to proceed.
My code of ethics does not allow me to start the healing process without your permission.

I understand your need to be absolutely sure before you decide to go ahead with the healing package on offer. I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 15 minute Chemistry Session so you can ask me what’s on your mind.

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Yes! Even if they choose not to be directly involved, I can still conduct healing sessions for them. I will, however, require their consent before I begin.

Yes!, I can conduct HIIH session via distant session.

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