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Your Love Block is Fear of Rejection and Failure

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This is Important

To some degree, we all fear rejection, loss, change and fear.

All fears stem from limiting beliefs, and most of these are formed in childhood. For various reasons e.g. being abandoned by your parent, overly criticized by your teacher, bullied in school, you’ve developed this block.

Faced by rejection and not knowing how to deal with the hurt, pain and confusion, you very rarely expressed your true feelings, avoided unpleasantness, and withdrew from conflict.

After all, you didn’t know better!
This was your attempt at protecting yourself

But now, you’ve carried that block into adulthood

You dread change

You’re afraid of making new connections

You feel like a failure when a relationship ends

You would rather abandon others before they abandon you!

I Want To Clear My Love Block! Show Me How!
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What if I told you that you don’t have to go through life like this?!

You heard that right! Your Love Block can be cleared…

Fear of Rejection and Failure like many fears is based on self-imposed restrictive views! It’s a defence mechanism you developed to protect yourself from being abandoned, rejected or overly criticized.

Your natural need for acceptance and care was ignored, your natural exuberance was supressed and discouraged, your trusting nature was exploited. Being hurt and neglected you slowly withdrew and became cautious in all your dealings.

By building walls around you, you were able to protect your delicate self-worth. By staying aloof, you reduced the risk of being shunned and feeling unloved.

Slowly but surely, you put this block in place and protected your sense of self and your self-esteem. But now, it’s exactly what’s holding you back from developing enjoyable and satisfying relationships.

How can you overcome this?

Well, recognising that you have this love block is the first step! So, congratulations!

Clearing this block is key to having healthy, valuable and positive relationships. But it’s not an easy process or quickly fixed.

The best way to clear your love block is to go to the root. To clear your earliest painful memories and the emotions attached.

What happens next?

When you clear your love block you’re letting go of the distressing memories and accompanying feelings. Specifically, those incidents in your childhood that caused you misery. You’re now opening yourself to the power of love. You’re making space within yourself for the energies of friendship, love, intimacy and togetherness. Just like you’re supposed to!

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Fear of Rejection and Fear is one of the most painful blocks to clear!

It negatively affects your life in ways you probably don’t even realize

It prevents you from expressing your true feelings and opinions

You have social anxiety and lower vibrational energy

You worry about being alienated

You created this persona. To help protect yourself from rejection, criticism and isolation. Your wounded self created this block to safeguard your feelings and emotions.

When you analyze your actions, you’ll understand that you prefer to abandon people before they have the chance to abandon you. You’d love to land your dream job or have fulfilling relationships, but you can’t seem to figure out how!

Isn’t it time you cleared your block and made space in your life for healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships?

It all starts with YOU!

Clear your Fear of Rejection and Failure,
Make space for love, joy, peace and harmony!

Here’s how you benefit from this session

I will guide you through

  • The origins of your Love Block:
    I explain in detail how you created this block, the reasons by which it strengthened and how it may have helped you.

  • How your Love Block is affecting your life:
    When you show up in your relationships as cold, aloof, stagnant, ashamed, critical and withdrawn, it’s never going to end well! You know this sounds like you, but aren’t sure what to do about it? You’re in the right place.

  • Why you need to clear your Love Block:
    What may have once served to protect you is now standing in your way of living a full life, improving your circumstances and developing richer relationships.

  • How to clear your Love Block:
    There’s a process to help you overcome your fear and stop it from holding you back and achieving your dreams. Through my guided clearing session you will be able to identify the causes for this block and also learn how to work through this fear.

    I have to let you know that this is NOT an easy process. You may need several sessions to clear this incredibly painful and debilitating block.

Yes, there’s more!!

I will guide you through

With this video, specifically created to help you clear your Fear of Rejection and Fear, you also receive a specially designed workbook.

This workbook is meant to be your best friend while you go through this clearing and healing process. It will teach you so much more about yourself and guide you through your journey.

But, it doesn’t end there. It has so much value to offer as you emerge a better version of yourself and move towards building stronger relationships and a richer life.

I Want To Clear My Love Block! Show Me How!
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Does this sound like you?

  • You worry about people’s negative opinions about you
  • You’re always prepared to expect the worst
  • You soften your position to avoid arguments and disagreements
  • You think nothing’s more hurtful than being rejected

Do You Often Find Yourself Saying or Thinking?

  • I’m unlovable
  • I’m destined to be alone
  • I’m worthless or have very little value
  • My relationships fail because I’m a failure

Your Love Block is Fear of Rejection and Failure

Clear your Love Block and cultivate happy and healthy relationships. Live the life that you deserve.

I Want To Clear My Love Block! Show Me How!

Ajita Shah

Ajita Shah is a Teacher and Spiritual Healer, with a background in Psychology and Science. Through her own experiences and through dealing with clients for over 25 years, she’s realized the only one standing in your way is YOU!

Her motto is ‘Healing from the Inside Out’ and she applauds you on taking the first step to find out what’s preventing you from having your ideal relationship.

Now that you’ve discovered your Love Block, you know how it shows up and sabotages your relationships. You can now take the next step and start clearing your Love Block, thus making your way to more fulfilling relationships and a balanced life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Fear of Rejection and Fear is a very painful block to clear. It’s keeping you from living your life to the fullest! To clear it effectively, you need to get to the root and clear your painful memories and the emotions attached. The block has developed over years and may take multiple sessions to clear. So, be patient!

Of course your clearing will be best aided by both the video and the workbook. But each resource is also designed to be used independently and will provide you the guidance you need.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss how I can help you.

If you’re unsure of exactly what help you need, book a >>complimentary 15-minute Chemistry session<< so we can discuss your challenges and how I can help.

You can also book a >>1:1 Healing Session<< This can work for you if you know where you feel stuck, but is equally effective even if you’re not 100% sure.

These resources are yours for life! Use the video as many times as you need to clear your painful memories and the emotions attached. I encourage you to download and print the workbook and you do the deep work that’s needed to clear your block and live the life of your dreams!