US market growth through synchronizing energies



Person with International trading business



A client who has an International trading business was going to participate in an American trade show for the first time. The goal was to gain entry into the US market.



I got their booth details and their team details and went about clearing the booth, energizing the space and the endeavour and synchronized the team each day for the 3 days of the fair.



I am told their booth was the busiest in the whole show and they were overwhelmed with visitors and could not keep up. In fact they were not able to speak to all that stopped at the booth. This is quite unprecedented for a brand new company participating in a show like this. Normally people go to established companies and new ones get the fringe business and slowly build from there.


Their US business took off from and today 1 year later, they are well entrenched and have managed to grow their sales quite a bit.

In fact they have already made an appointment with me to do healing and clearing for their next show in March 2017.


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