Space and personal energy clearing enhances house sale and progress.


A couple lived in a house that they deemed very unlucky.



They had lived in it for over 10 years and everything that could possibly go wrong did. They both lost their jobs soon after buying this house and even before they moved in. And thereafter were severely cash strapped in spite of finally getting good jobs and being extremely talented and skilled.

The couple’s relationship suffered severely and they fought constantly. Their children lived in a very toxic environment and were emotionally neglected.

For 8 years they could not agree to sell this house. The wife knew they needed to move but the husband’s logical mind did not agree.

Finally they contacted me.



First I worked on synchronizing the couple’s energies and cleansing them of all trauma they had suffered. This helped bring the couple together and they started to communicate much better and could see each other’s point of view.


Then I cleansed the house and the property.


Soon after the couple agreed that they would at least start doing some research into the housing market and see what was available in the market that they could afford.


After 1 winter season they resumed their search and hired a realtor. As luck would have it they found their dream home within 3 weeks and bought it right away.


Fortunately for the husband this house allowed them to make a lateral move. So they had no financial strain in buying and moving.


After purchasing their new house I was invited to cleanse the house and property for prosperity and peace.



Now came the task of selling their own house. They prepped it and decided to price it a bit higher than the market. The house in itself was extremely well designed and beautiful. To the amazement of all, this house sold for over $100,000 from the asking price within 2 hours of it going on sale.


Ever since the healing sessions the couple has enjoyed a much more congenial relationship and their children are close with them now. They bought their dream home and sold their old home for way more than even the market would dictate.


They now live in their new home and things are progressing very well. Their businesses are flourishing, they are much happier as a couple and family and they are also planning to upgrade the house next year.


As there were so many traumas I worked with the children too, to heal them of the pain and hurt.

Thankfully this couple and their family were finally able to leave that unfortunate house they lived in for 10 years behind and are now living the life they so well deserve.


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