Sexual trauma manifests as tantrums

Healing Client:

Eight Year Old Girl Issue: A client in one session mentioned his 8 yr old daughter who was still throwing temper tantrums and the biggest problem was food. She would not eat anything and he asked if I could do some healing for her. Due to her age I did not expect her to be on the phone with me during the session and at a time when she slept I did one treatment for her.



As I was working through her traumas and blocks I realized that she had been inappropriately touched numerous times by a man servant while he fed her. Eating reminded her of that shameful act and she would act out through tantrums and being fussy with food. I had the very hard task of informing her father of the issue that was affecting his daughter. He took it very hard as one can imagine and informed me that the servant had left their employment a couple years ago.



Thankfully balance was restored in the little girl’s life and her tantrum removed, she went back to being a normal 8 year old.

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