Healing for Relationships


Do you find yourself wondering:


“Why do relationships create so much pain in my life?”


“Is it possible for me to ever be happy in a relationship”


Then you are not alone in these feelings!


We all need relationship challenges to help us grow. Relationships provide us with a mirror into our inner beliefs, as we attract to us what is deeply held within.  If you carry any beliefs, or painful memories about relationships being negative, unhealthy or unloving, you will create this in your life.  According to scientific research 40% of your happiness is derived from your day-to-day behavior and the way you think about yourself and others.


Positive relationships reflect intimacy in every aspect of togetherness: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely.


Conversely, when a couple is in a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They actually clash and repel, manifesting as even more painful friction.


Holistic Intuitive Integrative healing works to re-pattern these inner stories so that you vibrate with positive energy about relationships.  When you shift your inner world, the outer-world shifts too!


Healing does not only address couple relationships but any and all relationships that we experience- Extended Family, Friends, Neighbours, Work Colleagues, In- Laws, Siblings and others.


Many clients acknowledge that they either did not, or currently do not, get along with one of their parents. It's often rationalised as a "personality clash". This is often reflected in other relationships with the same sex as the parent in question. This type of pattern can sometimes be seen in their own parents, grandparents and so on. The problem is, we generally do not know enough of our family history to be able to trace it back more than one or two generations. Many people like to blame their last failed relationship on many causes. The actual cause of the inherited pattern or imbalance could have been created in any number of ways. But, clear that imbalance back in time, and life has a way of moving forward in a much more positive way.


Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing can help you experience the relationships you have always wanted.

Healing for relationships can help bring you back into balance, harmony and love in your current relationship with your partner, family member, friend or colleague.


Would you like to experience more flow, ease and happiness in your relationship?

Your relationship can bring you many wonderful experiences such as love, happiness, joy, a feeling of connection, support and comfort. When the flow of positive energy between you and your loved one is blocked, challenges begin to arise. These inner obstructions bring up stress, anger, frustration and other difficult thoughts and emotions.


Perhaps you are experiencing:

  • Challenges or reoccurring difficulties in your relationship
  • Inability to communicate, or feeling upset because your partner will not communicate with you.
  • Longing for the lost “magic” in your partnership.
  • Holding onto resentments from the past.
  • Fear of commitment or feeling upset because your partner will not commit to you.
  • Frustration, irritation, or annoyance with their actions, choices or personality.
  • Being treated in a hurtful, harmful or negative way.
  • Feeling suspicious, jealous or mistrust, or are having these feelings directed at you.


If you are experiencing any of the above problems, when you let go of the blockages, and align with a positive system of energy, you will no longer be “hooked” into relationship difficulties. Healing allows you to become reconnected to the healthy, loving center that is within you. This reconnection allows you to begin experiencing more Love within yourself, which often creates a positive shift between you and your partner.


You will experience:

  • More love, joy and peace in your relationships.
  • Find yourself responding to challenges from a more calm and centered space.
  • Have healthier communication.
  • A deeper connection with yourself and your spouse.
  • More self-acceptance, as well as more acceptance of others.
  • Greater trust.
  • Freedom and peace toward past painful events.
  • The ability to set boundaries and remove yourself from unhealthy circumstances
  • Energy Healing for relationships can help bring you back into balance, harmony and love in your current relationship with your partner, family member, friend or colleague.


Clearing Energy cords and karmic ties to toxic and negative past relationships:

One of the most important things a person can do for their relationship evolution is cutting cords that still bind them to previous relationships and prevent them from completing those relationships in the highest of ways. Most people do not realize that when you have a relationship with someone your energetic systems become connected, especially when there is a strong emotional connection and even after that relationship has ended the energetic connection still remains, impacting and affecting all subsequent relationships. Especially if the break up or end was difficult.


Chords require to be cut in case of death- even parents, child, sibling, grandparent or anyone who one was close to- divorce, relationship break up, casual relationships, or when one has multiple sexual partners.



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