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Any aspect of your life that is not working as you expect or anything that seems out of the ordinary in your life, can be addressed through healing.

Healing can resolve issues in:


  • Body- all health issues are normally a symptom of the energy system being out of sync
  • Mind- Mental stress, anger, depression etc are some of the many aspects that can be addressed
  • Business- How to energize a business, partnership issues, issues with the working spaces
  • Childhood concerns- Children issues are varied and require special attention and treatment.
  • Special concerns- Addiction, PTSD, Post-partum depression and other concerns
  • Relationships- resolve conflicts with your loved ones, work and other relationships,
  • Space cleansing- Cleanse and energize your home, office, plot of land
  • Chakra clearing with trauma removal
  • Limiting beliefs, fears, block removal- Remove blocks that hold you back
  • Renew yourself- fears, beliefs and feeling work
  • Manifestation- learn how to think and behave to achieve abundance in all aspects of life
  • Remove- Evil eye, spirits, curses, oaths, vows
  • Past life and Pitra dosh- resolve issues related to family lineage
  • DNA activation, Gene replacement
  • Soul fragment retrieval- Reclaim your whole self from past relationships
  • Energetic divorce- separation from past marital relationships that hold us back or cause pain
  • Infertility
  • Weight loss




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Sessions are conducted over phone or video conference


While sessions do address physical, emotional of energetic issues, they are not a replacement for your medical providers.

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