Harmonizing negative team member


Boss of a business



Within a client’s business team trouble was brewing. The team members were not getting along and it was reflecting in the relationship one of the team members- Hubert, was having with my client- their boss.


Hubert is inherently a very negative individual prone to angry outburst. For him everything that happens is someone else’s fault and plays the blame game constantly.


Things finally came to a head and my client asked Hubert to leave. Unfortunately Hubert was very valuable to the team as he had been at the job for 7 years and would not be easy to replace.


Hubert had his own family situation and really needed this job. So my client called me that very day extremely upset and angry. He was angry at the behaviour of Hubert and also upset at how his departure would affect his bottom line.



I started by treating the relationship between my client and Hubert and removing blocks between them and synchronising their energies.



The next day Hubert came on his own accord to the office and apologized and asked for his job back.


Till date he is playing well with the team and this negativity has reduced drastically. This makes the entire environment much more conducive and productive. He is following instructions well and without unnecessary arguments.


My client is very happy and his business is on track and his team is intact and functioning.


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