Somewhere below all the painful feelings and habitual mind-chatter, you sense that it is possible to live more fully and to experience a life that is healthy, abundant, peaceful, intentional, compassionate and even joyful. In the midst of the typical unavoidable ups-and-downs of life, freedom from suffering is possible.


How is that possible? Let’s explore!

From the time you were born, causes and conditions that you experienced, developed into patterns, beliefs and story lines about you and your life. These patterns have limited and obscured the natural open nature of your mind.

Over time, these repeated story lines become engraved in your brain (literally as neural pathways), and you relate to them as if they were the truth about the way things are or should be for you. You operate from that point of reference while these silent programs run in the background, in your subconscious and all decisions you make regarding your life and loved ones are colored by these limiting patterns and beliefs.  You didn’t create these story lines alone, Some of these may belong to your parents, culture, society and were handed down to you when you were very young, whether you wanted them or not. Another strong influencing factor is your past lives and the karmic baggage you carry over from there.


It’s important to recognize that most of these patterns and beliefs are not your soul TRUTH. They are simply mind-body habit patterns repeated over time which appear to be true.  You believe that you can’t escape them or the pain they bring.


If you hold on too tightly to your fixed views—to your own version of reality—you see yourself as fixed and static with no opportunity for change. You feel separate and disconnected from everything and everyone around you. You feel your situation is unique to you and there is no way out.  And your experience of life will be in a perpetual state of unease and dissatisfaction.


The solution to this problem is not to be found in changing your external environment or circumstances, or distracting yourself with temporary pleasures. It’s not to be realized by getting more of what you like, and less of what you don’t like.

What is required is a fundamental shift in recognizing how you see and relate to yourself and your world. And recognizing how those patterns and beliefs do not serve you in living a happy fulfilling life. What is needed is to wake up to your soul truth (which is unique to each individual) by healing those core wounds and trauma. And transforming oneself by learning the appropriate steps and universal principles that are congruent with the true self.



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