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Client: A Mature Working Adult

A dear friend of mine living in Seattle called one day and said he had been feeling very stuck and if I could treat him.



He is in the market research industry and also been working on his own online business. Even though Rob has been involved with energy work, reads a lot of motivational books and has a lot of knowledge on personal development, he asked if I could help him get back on track.

Rob was in a contract with a blue chip when he approached me and that contract was coming to an end soon. He was concerned about his financial situation and was very unsure if he should try to find a full time job, take another contract or go on his own.

His other real concern was how quickly he would be able to find employment.



As is my first step with all my clients I worked on removing his childhood blocks, fears and traumas. This made him feel very free and calm and positive. Subsequently for the next 3 sessions I continued to work on removing blocks and counselling him on the next steps. Throughout those 3 weeks Rob continued to make breakthroughs.

Within weeks of finishing the 4 healing session Rob started interviewing with very good companies for really good positions.



About a month later he got an opportunity to interview with a firm in Los Angeles. He reached out to me to ask what he should do- Whether that job would be good for him, as it involved uprooting his wife and 3 kids, and relocating from Seattle to LA.


I told him that it had come up after our healing sessions so it’s a good sign and that he should at least go for the interview and get a better idea on the opportunity.


He called me highly excited as the interview went extremely well. The company philosophy was in sync with his own philosophy and his would be boss and he got along like a house on fire. He was introduced to the team he would work with and his confidence soared. The cherry on the cake was he was able to share with them his business idea and they found synergy with their own working and suggested that they roll out his business to the company employees.


A month ago Rob got the offer from this company and he has decided to move to LA with his family. He will be in his new home and new job by Christmas this year and he is very positive that this is the chance of a life time.


Rob not only got a great full time job paying more than he was making but also gets to launch his business that he has worked on but not been able to bring to fruition for the last 5 years.


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