Deep depression and a very heavy daily drinking habit


Rajinder Sahota- A 53 yr old business person living in India.



For several years Rajinder had allowed this childhood trauma related to his family, to spiral him into a deep depression and a very heavy daily drinking habit.


Every aspect of Rajinders life had been negatively impacted and his anger got the better of him and at the receiving end was his wife mostly.


Finally unable to handle himself he came to the edge of his tolerance and started talking about suicide.

His distraught family sought my help and at the onset I was a bit hesitant as the treatment and intervention required immediate impact, as his life was in question.




I decided on a certain treatment plan that entailed very deep and intensive healing.


After the first remote healing session on Saturday November 4, 2017 I was informed that he had a reaction wherein he threw up as he was eating his dinner and felt extremely tired and went to bed without much interaction with his family. Even though he was still quite agitated the next morning, he did seem much more in control as compared to the day before. Inquiring about his drinking that evening I was told he only drank about half his normal quota. That news was extremely encouraging for me.


On 5th morning Rajinder went out to run a small errand for himself and seemed fit enough to drive on his own. He was behaving more normal than the night before though uncommunicative with his family. The biggest change they noticed was that he did not drink alcohol that afternoon as was his routine. In the evening his alcohol consumption remained at about 50% of his usual and his mental state seemed more balanced. He was not having any angry outbursts either and began interacting with his family in a much more normal way.


On Monday November 6, 2017, Rajinder did not go to work and continued to rest and recuperate. That day I administered the third healing session. Rajinder was returning back to the man he used to be over a decade ago and his zest for life was slowly returning.


Rajinder and his wife had been invited to a social event on November 6th which they both attended. His wife was very sceptical as Rajinder had in the past lost control and humiliated himself and her in public situations.


The evening unfolded in a very unusual manner as Rajinder did not make a bee line for the bar but started with a glass of water and told the host he was not enjoying the taste of alcohol. He opted to have only 2 drinks the whole evening and was extremely pleasant and cheerful.


The drive back was very out of the ordinary as well. In the past on the drive back home the couple would get into a big fight as Rajinder would start blaming his wife for any and everything but that night he listened to music and chatted very amicably and went to bed as if this was his normal behaviour. Rajinder’s wife could not contain her shock and relief.



After the first 3 consecutive treatments and his miraculous recovery I decided to keep his session weekly, if he continued to progress at the same pace.


1 week after the first treatment, Rajinder is now a changed man and is the person he used to be over a decade ago. He is getting to work on time, is cheerful and enthusiastic about his future. Even though he has found himself in emotionally challenging situations at work and at home, his reaction has been completely controlled and normal. His drinking is also totally under control and he continues to drink a fraction of his earlier consumption.


Rajinder’s transformation and turn around has left his family in awe and are feeling great relief.

Healing resulted in helping Rajinder recover from his alcohol issues as well as sever mental instability stemming from unresolved childhood emotional issues which escalated into hopelessness leading to the urge to commit suicide.



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