Childhood trauma hindering life and success


Rajesh, 50 yrs old. A senior executive in a blue chip corporate



Severe childhood trauma due to an unloving mother, and subsequent feelings of self-loathing, and lack of self-confidence.



Rajesh was referred to me by a good friend of his who was also my client. His issues stemmed from his mother being extremely unavailable, angry, and violent and dominating since he was a very young child. He continues to be so even to this day.


He had a severe case of psoriasis on his legs that he had never worn shorts his entire life. All he wanted was to be cleansed of the trauma of feeling unloved. He had mentioned that he was suffering from heart issues for the last 10 yrs.



After the first session he felt extremely light and calm and the constant voice in his head seemed to have reduced. I also told him he did not have a heart condition just a slightly enlarged heart and that he was not going to die anytime soon- which was his fear.


Second session I worked on more steps to remove the hurt, pain, rejection Rajesh felt. He had been feeling stressed at work and not appreciated by his superiors. His confidence was restored to a great extent and he started putting himself out there for his superiors to see his enthusiasm and worth.


I worked on healing the relationships between Rajesh and his immediate superior that had been strained for many years. That week he was happy and informed me that his boss had started to be cordial to him and had given him a glowing review and had even acknowledged his ideas in a team meeting. A first!


Third session- There was a family friend- Jasmine living in his mother’s city- Bangalore, who spoke ill of Rajesh’s wife and had his mother’s ear and also had romantic feelings for Rajesh. This lady had been creating havoc in Rajesh’s family and life for years. Rajesh was very concerned for himself and his wife as they were going to Bangalore for a family wedding. He requested that I heal them of the influence of this family friend. I worked on Rajesh and his wife who was also being treated by me separately at the same time and they were ecstatic to report back that suddenly the lady was extremely nice to them and left them alone throughout the wedding and had completely changed her attitude towards both Rajesh and his wife. Also she subsequently reduced her visits to Rajesh’s mother’s house, thereby reducing her negative influence on an already troubled old lady.


Fourth session- In the 3 weeks Rajesh‘s confidence, his calm and self- confidence was restored. His work issues were resolved making his day to day functioning at work pleasant. Also by now his psoriasis was more than 70% cleared without the use of any medication and he wore shorts for the first time.


Even though his mother’s attitude was unchanged he came to terms with her rejection and was not adversely affected by it on a day to day basis. He is now a happy and contented man!


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