Being an entrepreneur or being in a job comes with a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows as you begin to create and grow your business/ work. This can leave you with one of your fight-or-flight hormones running the show, putting your health and your business/ work at risk.


Being an entrepreneur is guaranteed to bring you face-to-face with everything that needs to be healed in your energy system and life.


Deep-rooted questions of value and self-worth, Shame, Boundaries, Spending and Saving patterns, Money ceilings, financial skills, all come to the fore. If we have imbalances in these areas it will reflect in the success. We can sometimes gloss over these issues in our personal lives, but being an entrepreneur cranks the volume up on our money relationship. It can be so painful. It can isolate us and make us crazy. When we try to ignore it, it presents itself in different ways.


But, when we work with the process of Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing and have the right tools to support mind, body and spirit, it can be absolutely liberating + illuminating.


  • Did your "job EKG" ever go flat? Did the feeling of challenge change to a feeling of routine? Did you think something was missing? Did you start to look around?
  • Are you trying to build a business, have been trying SO many things to get it going but somehow you don’t seem to get any further ahead
  • You feel called from the deepest levels to create a successful business by sharing your gifts to the world but so far your reality is so far away from your vision
  • You want so much to succeed, you KNOW you are meant to, even the results you are creating are nowhere near what you know they should be
  • You KNOW intuitively that something deeper must be going on but you have no idea what is blocking you
  • You put in so much effort and the results you create are much less than what you know is possible
  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and want to finally uncover WHY you are so held back and get it out of the way so you can move forward as powerfully as possible toward the vision you have.
  • You are stressed- Maybe your work or home-life is very stressful at the moment.You wake in the morning feeling exhausted. You hit your snooze button. A few times. You hope your morning coffee will wake you up because your day ahead is B-U-S-Y. During the day you skip or delay meals, or eat on the run. You rely on sugar to get you through.
  • Maybe there have been a couple of big life changes or events that have happened.
  • You might be impacted by the stress others in your life are experiencing. Maybe you used to be able to handle stress but you’re just not coping in the same way now.
  • Maybe you can’t pinpoint any major stressors but life just feels very busy and pressured. You have super-high expectations of yourself and there’s no time to slow down. Things irritate you more than usual.
  • You find yourself feeling worried, guilty or anxious a lot of the time.
  • Life might be busy, but you’re bored. There’s no time for fun. There’s no time to look after yourself properly.
  • Then, after feeling tired all day, you often seem to have more energy in the evenings.
  • Or even though you feel tired, you’re wired, and can’t get to sleep.
  • Maybe you just wish you had more energy.


When you’re feeling tired all the time, EVERYTHING feels so much harder.

If health and stress management are not high on your priority list, the challenges of running a business increase the likelihood of making less-than-ideal choices about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and other health habits.


This creates a vicious cycle- A lack of time and energy to devote to treating your body well leads to fatigue and a bad case of “I don’t give a crap.”


Before you know it, your body, with its toxic load of stress, worn out adrenal glands, processed food and flabby muscles have become a “bad neighborhood” for your business.


Your body is a complex network of systems. When one part of the system goes rogue, it all goes rogue. Ignoring this won’t make things better and could ultimately lead to a roaring case of burn out or chronic illnesses.


Recognizing the signs and the need for external support in clearing all the blocks and energizing and rebalancing the energy systems can bring you much needed relief and great success.





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