Every disease and every aspect and issue can be healed, as can various mental conditions, allowing one to function in everyday life with tranquility and liveliness.


Each person has the possibility to change his reality at any given moment. One of the things that blocks us from carrying out the changes in our lives is our fears.


Any ailment you have whether physical or mental starts as an energetic problem. The energy is like information, and the idea is to change the information (energy) so the body and mind can regain their ability to heal. Holistic Intuitive Integrative healing- HIIH is a tremendous tool to diagnose diseased organs in the body, evaluate the state of your business, your bank account, the status of your relationships and much more. It is also a helpful tool for energetic requests for all intents and purposes in life allowing you to manifest your desires.


A great advantage of HIIH is that diagnosis and treatment do not require you to be physically present. Treatment can be done remotely. You will heal even without the physical presence of the therapist and enjoy all the benefits of healing in aspects of business, relationships or whatever issue brings you to avail of our healing.


It is noteworthy that healing is successful even without one believing in the treatment. As a matter of ethics we treat only those who approach us for treatment, and do not invade anyone's privacy without permission.


Through HIIH countless problems in life can be restored such as:

  • Physical ailments can all be healed to varying degrees
  • Mental/psychological conditions like anorexia, depression, can be transformation to vitality and joy
  • Relationships between couples and others
  • Business related issues such as energizing a slow business, repairing business partnerships, increased co-operation within working teams, disgruntled workers brought on track and many more.
  • Childhood issues and concerns
  • Other special concerns such as addiction, anger, depression etc

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Sessions are conducted over phone or video conference


While sessions do address physical, emotional of energetic issues, they are not a replacement for your medical providers.

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