Arthritis relief through emotional cleansing


Gladys a lovely 75 year old lady referred by my neighbour came into my office one afternoon. Her husband had brought her and she could barely walk dragging her feet on the ground, literally.



She suffered from arthritis and had very swollen knees and her hands and fingers were twisted due to the disease. To make matters worse she had had a fall and her left shoulder and arm was in a lot of pain.


In speaking with Gladys I found out that her husband many years ago had walked out on her and her 2 little boys without a word and till date she had not heard from him or had no information of his whereabouts. That was in Singapore and it was an extremely traumatic time for her. Subsequently she married again and her husband is a wonderful caring and loving man. Both make a loving couple.



After the first session Gladys felt some calm, and reduction in the tingling feeling. But nothing earth shattering. That is not bad, in my books 

The next session, I worked on removing the trauma of all those years ago, feeling the rejection of her husband suddenly leaving and having to raise 2 very young boys alone. I then did a soul separation from her estranged husband so her soul could be finally free of him.



After the second session she messaged me to inform me that she had managed to do her own manicure and painted her nails red. A lady who could not as much as make her bed or do dishes was able to regain dexterity enough to do such fine movements was very heart warming. Also the tingling in her left arm had reduced.


She also felt like a weight had been lifted off her.


Her husband happened to mention that he too was feeling better and different even though he was not being treated by me. The advantage of healing is that as the energy within an individual shifts the energy around them shifts too and they themselves along with the people around them feel the difference for the better. And also life improves drastically.


After the 3rd session the pain in Gladys’s left arm, the swelling and pain in the knees, the tingling all continued to reduce substantially. Movement and dexterity in her hands also improved significantly.


As I opened the door for them for the 4th session, I was hit by a radiant light and a breeze that seemed to be emitted by Gladys. Her demeanour was no longer coy and she sashayed into my office. Her husband followed beaming. And I watched in awe.


Gladys is fully functional with no pain or tingling in her arms or legs. She had regained her movement and her way of life!


Subsequently they invited me to cleanse their house. Today I am happy to call them my friends.


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