Ajita Shah is a behavioural and transformational healer who combines her formal Science and Psychology education with her intuitive ability to provide holistic healing to the mind, body, and spirit.


Having an intense interest in Spirituality and a keen intuitive insight into people and events, she co-mingles that with the Sciences, integrating both into her heart based practice.


Ajita is dedicated to balancing the mind/body/spirit connection, assisting others in developing their passion and purpose and empowering them with the knowledge to live the abundant and successful life they are meant to live.


With her clients she works through her unique Holistic Intuitive Integrative energy healing process. One’s life experiences create negative experiences which in turn create negative emotions such as anger, fear, stress, powerlessness, guilt, etc. that we hold in our energy field and our subconscious mind. If the energy field is overflowing with negativity it will be nearly impossible to allow the “positive” in. Ajita helps clear the space within, to hold the highest vibrational frequency enabling one to return to their healed and balanced centre.


Her metaphysical journey and interest in healing developed as a result of her life experiences. Aware of being on a spiritual path since childhood, the intensity and study of spirituality, has ebbed and flowed throughout her lifetime. Each difficult period of life has provided a quantum jump to the next level of her spiritual development.


The final push came in 2000 when she was severely debilitated for a number of years by a relatively insignificant car accident. This condition was further exacerbated when she developed severe food intolerances that left her with permission to eat only 5 food items from all the available food groups. On both fronts she was advised by the medical practitioners that both conditions were untreatable and she would have to live with the severe pain and inability to eat and enjoy food her whole life.


This prognosis prompted her to reject this reality and embark upon her personal healing journey and within a very short time she was clear of both her conditions permanently. Medical practitioners were amazed at the results and have no medical explanation for her complete recovery.


In 2012, she officially started her Holistic Intuitive Integrative Healing practice, supporting her clients in uncovering their truth and re-uniting them with their innermost purest sense of self. Being able to tap into one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies, has served as a fundamental element, in positively supporting her clients' healing and achieving optimistic results in her practice.


"Looking back, I believe my conditions were both a blessing in disguise as well as a wake- up call to re-direct my life and journey to a more purposeful heart-based path.  For most of my life, I've been rather shy and selective in offering gentle guidance and healing. Finally it took 2 long term debilitating experiences for me to realize that my innate ability was indeed connected to my life's calling & purpose and I was willed to take a leap of faith. There is nothing more beautiful, loving and heart-warming than the ability to assist others in their healing process & bear witness to their own inner transformations, personal growth and spiritual connections ".


As my life continues to be an on-going process of understanding the vastness of our true essence, my passion will be forever interconnected to soulful healing and purposeful living.  I continue to strive to understand the power of the human experiential processes, and have a profound understanding of the effects of the disconnected self”.


Ajita designs and facilitates workshops that educate her clients and participants on various universal principles that govern our lives and empowers them with tools to help achieve healing, abundance, healthy and successful relationships, wisdom, serenity, and wholeness.


Currently Ajita lives in Canada and works with her clients remotely all across the world. She also travels extensively to conduct her workshops and connect with her clients in person.



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